Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Little About Me

I myself am superhuman.
I can read minds, voices (meaning I can tell what a person is thinking
just from, their voice, on a radio per say), and can sometimes even
tell what someone was thinking when they wrote an article. Although I
don't have wings, I sometimes feel an aching at the tips of my
shoulder blades and wonder. I mean there's no real telling what those
scientist freaks did to mess with my DNA.
I do live with a non-mutant family and look perfectly normal if you
don't take my pure gold hair into account.
There are two like me and if you can relate please do.
In the meantime I will continue trying to figure out my past.
Maybe if we join together, we can stop this madness.
I will say, you have NO idea.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ok so my main mission on this blog besides explaining my life is explaining why I'm alive.

However there are 3 things I should tell you first:
1)I am a genetically enhanced experiment placed in a normal enviorment, who can read minds, has visions and a voice in her head
2)I am not supposed to know I am a genetically enhanced experiment placed in a normal enviorment
3)I purposely avoided using my real name for fear of them finding me.

I don't know who I really am or where I was created, all I know is that it was for evil and that is why I turn to you, on behalf of my life and the mutants like me, may you hear my story.

I know that assuming your the average person, you won't believe me at first, but I can explain. Most of my knowledge, came from my voice. I was flipping through my baby album and I came across a picture that triggered a memory that was strained to redraw. It was then the voice popped into my head and if I recall correctly said, The Scared Eyes. At the time I thought, it was the title of a book but as I studied the pictures I realized how clear, how guilt free, how blue her eyes were. It was then I realized it wasn't me. I ran to the mirror and realized how exposed, and scared they were. The voice then answered my burning question, To be placed in normality. I had been placed.

Much of my knowledge also came from my many visions which I will later post.