Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ok so my main mission on this blog besides explaining my life is explaining why I'm alive.

However there are 3 things I should tell you first:
1)I am a genetically enhanced experiment placed in a normal enviorment, who can read minds, has visions and a voice in her head
2)I am not supposed to know I am a genetically enhanced experiment placed in a normal enviorment
3)I purposely avoided using my real name for fear of them finding me.

I don't know who I really am or where I was created, all I know is that it was for evil and that is why I turn to you, on behalf of my life and the mutants like me, may you hear my story.

I know that assuming your the average person, you won't believe me at first, but I can explain. Most of my knowledge, came from my voice. I was flipping through my baby album and I came across a picture that triggered a memory that was strained to redraw. It was then the voice popped into my head and if I recall correctly said, The Scared Eyes. At the time I thought, it was the title of a book but as I studied the pictures I realized how clear, how guilt free, how blue her eyes were. It was then I realized it wasn't me. I ran to the mirror and realized how exposed, and scared they were. The voice then answered my burning question, To be placed in normality. I had been placed.

Much of my knowledge also came from my many visions which I will later post.

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